Traditional leadwork is one of the Company's most eye-catching specialities. Historically, lead was the prominent roofing material for large and important buildings such as churches, castles, stately homes, abbeys and civic buildings. Restoring these roofs in the most traditional manner, through both materials and skilled workmanship, is the reason for our vast back catalogue of leadwork projects to some of the country's most prestigious buildings, including:

Tintern Abbey
St George's Hall, Liverpool
North West Hall, Liverpool
Whittington Castle
Penrhyn Castle
Caerphilly Castle
Duke of Westminster Estate

Greenough & Sons specialise in the most technically challenging leadwork, to private dwellings and delicate heritage buildings, as well as large scale lead sheet roofing.

All of our leadworkers hold the highest qualification in British leadworking: The CSCS Gold Heritage Leadworker Card.